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Chad - Week 9


Posted on behalf of Will.

Dear Diary

Today Chad was AWESOME!!!

I got up, had a shave – awesomely, didnt shower (cause Chad doesnt need to shower, he just smells gooood)

Then Chad got the call from the Commander – Chad used call waiting and didnt answer because Chad was too busy being awesome.

When Chad called Dave (the commander), the commander needed Chads help. Chad was to allow a random assortment of not-Chads to help him on a mission. Chads mission was to totally blow up a relay station. Chad decided it would be awesome so went along.

When Chad arrived at the hanger, Chad had to have words with the hanger staff and someone had mistakenly put Chads X-Wing at the wrong end of the hanger (obviously Chads X is next to the door to stop people being distracted by Chads awesomeness)

Chad led the team into Hyperspace where Chad was able to listen to the audio book ‘Where is Spot?’ read by Chad – it was awesome.

When Chad exited hypespace, the empire were sooo scared they launched 100+ Ties, Chad was not intimid.. intimi… scared. Chad locked on to the first Tie with a bistering shot at extreme range, the Tie was scared by Chads lazers, he turned and ran the otjher way, causing the lazers to miss)

Chad (and him team) cleared a path for the team to get to the relay station hanger bay, then Chad continued being awesome, Chad first destroyed the Comms Array, while evading multiple shots fromt he Ties, not because Chad didnt want to be hit, but because they were not awesome enough. The Chad then proceede to destroy nearly all of the Ties, with the rest of The Chads wing picking up the pieces.

Once all the Tie had been destroyed, the Chad started gettign bored, the assault team were being waaay too slow and non-awesome. The Chad had to call them to make them hurry because the rest of the universe was nissing out on The Chad.

When they finally left the station, The Chad, in an awesome way, locked onto the station with his proton cannon, spun his ship around and blasted it into tiny bits with the cannon and his engines. This allowed the Chads forward camera drone to take a picture of the asesomeness. – unforttunaly the drone got damaged in the blast so the picture isnt very good.

Chad was happy with this awesome day, but Chad hopes next time he will not be detained from awesomeness by less-awesome and slow people.

Chad out.



The Chad is my hero.

Chad - Week 9

Hahaha YES!

Chad - Week 9

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