Tatooine Bad Boy

Kari 1.1a

Arrival on Tatooine

The soothing hum, her constant companion for over a week, stopped.

Kari gave a relieved smile, her eyes still not leaving the dials and displays which monitored the light speed drives functions.

As real space welcomed them back, the streaks of brilliant white rushing past the port holes becoming discernible objects, she could hear the excited chatter over the Kaladon Ghost’s internal communication systems. Turning cautiously from the read-outs, she flicked the room’s comm link on and listened for a few seconds, just long enough to be sure that they were where
they were supposed to be – approaching Tatooine.

Flicking it off again, she paced back to the engine and put a hand on it, stroking lightly, feeling the imperfections in its metal skin, her fingertip finding the scratches and gouges her tools had made in the process of its resurrection. “Good job” she said quietly, adding a wide smile, proud of the Ghost’s performance during the trip from Akanephin 5.

Sitting down at her desk, she accessed the most recent performance reports; charting the ship’ fuel usage, moments of unexpected turbulence, unexplained drag factors. As she scanned her eyes across them, her brow furrowed – there had to be something more she could do, another minor tweak which would improve performance….Her musing was interrupted by the recognisable thud, followed by the light hiss of hydraulics, of the ship landing. She glanced up and shook her head slightly, she had not even realised they were descending!

With the nagging annoyance of a job half done filling her, she closed down the monitors and turned and headed for the cargo bay. Heading down the cylindrical corridors, she could almost feel the ship’s relief at being given a chance to rest. Her computers, for the first time in a two weeks, not constantly checking and double checking the equations which kept them on course, the hull now only under a uniform 1G of gravitational effect, as oppose to the constantly fluctuating highs and lows associated with whizzing past binary star systems, huge planets, and the old Imperial gravity trap.

As she finally emerged into the huge cargo bay, she saw the ramp had already been lowered, and the warm, dry heat of Tatooine was combating the environmental controls for authority. She gave a frown, as she felt the temperature rising abruptly, sweat already starting to pepper her forehead and run uncomfortably down to the small of her back. After the time spent in the space, a planet like this was going to be most unpleasant.
Pacing forwards, she flashed a warm smile towards Valin, but dropped it instantly as Quan entered her line of sight, as for the Miner, what was his name…Tame, she did not even look in his direction.

She didn’t like him.

Standing in silence, she listened as it was decided that the her brother and Kaz (stupid name) were going to search for information, Quan, it seemed, needed to stretch his legs, so opted for an amble about the market. She considered joining him for a split second, but caught herself, it was hatefully warm outside, and she was not sure how long she could tolerate his undiluted company – no, she would wait: It would give her a chance to finish her appraisal of the engine report anyway.



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