Tatooine Bad Boy

Quan 1.3

Losing the trail


When we arrived back on the ship, Kaz was in a state. He was sat near-catatonic on a crate in the open cargo area, oblivious to the bright sun shining on him and the claustrophobic heat. I knew then that my first hunch that he might be force-sensitive was correct. He had clearly felt the tragedy that I had earlier and was still suffering. As I was considering what to do about it, Kari and Valin’s conversation from further into the ship.
“Valin, I broke the guest…” she was whispering quietly
“Don’t worry little sis, we can get a new one” Valin replied with a smile as he took a communicator from Kari’s offered hand, the same model she had given me and had also placed beside Kaz on his crate
“<sigh>… channel 6” Kari explained".

Kaz stirred, possibly only just noticing that we had all returned
“Well, our only possible lead has gone…. FUCK!” he punctuated his sentence by punching the crate next to him with his massive meaty paw. Valin saw my confused expression and explained that Kenobi had been spotted in town alright, causing trouble in a cantina before leaving the planet aboard a ship called the Millenium Falcon. Apparently it was pretty fast and crewed by a notorious scoundrel who knew how to escape trouble. Kari seemed more upset at missing the opportunity to see such a ship in action than completing our actual mission but it was pretty much unanimous that with the Falcon’s speed and the Empire following them, that particular lead of information was lost to us.

“Actually, we do have another lead” I said. The others all turned to face me as I explain the meeting I’d had with Arken Dugg and how he could take us across the Dune Sea to Kenobi’s home. Kaz’s face immediately lit up and we decided to head out to meet Mr. Dugg.

To give him credit, Arken Dugg must have seen us coming and knew exactly how to swindle a naive off-worlder. The scumbag wanted 1000 creds just for the short trip which wouldn’t take more than an hour each way tops. Kaz of course tried to pay the man, but I managed to bargain with him enough that he agreed to take 500 credits before the trip with a promise of a further 1000 on our safe return. He agreed of course and we set off immediately. Valin had cottoned on to my plan straight away and got in touch with Kari with the communicator, he asked her to follow along at a distance in the Ghost as it would be unlikely that we’d have a lift home.

So when we pulled up to the Kenobi residence (which was just a little mud hut baking in the sea and very disappointing) I was sure we had the wrong place. The Jedi Master I knew of wouldn’t live in a place like this. Still, we had come this far so we might as well check it out. Thanking the nice Mr. Dugg, I tried to complete our arrangement by putting a blaster bolt in his head, ending his swindling life along with the need to pay him more creds but Kaz saw what was happening and knocked my weapon aside at the last minute. What the hell is this kid’s problem!? He’s always moaning about having no cash but then when I try and save him some, he kicks off! Valin tried to help me shoot the guy but what with Kaz’s interference and the close quarters sat in the speeder, I coulndn’t get a shot off. Suddenly there was a vibroaxe in my face and Dugg was screaming at us to pay up and get out. Confused as to which part of ‘our safe return’ had been fulfilled I refused to pay any more. Dugg’s counter-offer was still buzzing in my face, threatening to cut it up and so couldn’t really be argued with. We agreed to pay him another 500 so we could all leave in peace. He agreed and sped off into the distance, just leaving us enough time to unload the droids and dust ourselves off.

Valin and I glared at Kaz but he just claimed ’that’s not the way its going down while I’m paying’. Jackass.

We signalled Kari to bring the Ghost in, we’d need her help sooner than we thought.



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