Tatooine Bad Boy

Week 10 Transcript

Looking through the data hacked from the station, Kari finds an order for Talren Cole from the emperor to apprehend Isoder Candor at his bar on Dorlaak.

Kaz is on board with having a shot at Talren Cole.

Valin & Kari want to help out their friend, and also a chance at Cole.

Quan stays quiet until someone asks him directly.

Quan (reluctantly): This Candor may be some backwater, dodgy drug dealer, but he is probably the closest thing we’ve got to a friend out here.

When we arrive on Dorlaak Quan tells Kaz to attempt to sense Cole. Kaz goes back to his memories of meeting him on Akenephin V. Recalls the sense of emptiness that drew him to him.

Kaz: he’s definitely in the area, I don’t think he’s that close yet.

Quan goes shopping for big hats.

Kari goes scouting for cameras she can take over to get eyes on the street. Manages to get a view on most of the surrounding streets.

Valin goes to the nearest spaceport to gamble with the deck crews and get some information about Cole. Spends about 3 hours, buys lots of drinks, wins 400 credits.

Kari asks Quan if there’s any way they can get in to the Palace, to hack into the cameras inside.

They go in through the back, meet a Gamorran guard. Quan mind tricks him. Tosses him a couple of credits. Kari manages to get access to all the cams, they cover all the entrances, most of the rooms. She loops the footage to remove evidence of them being there.

Valin eventually gets the dock workers talking, doesn’t get anything about Cole, but does find out that there has been an unusual amount of imperial activity recently.

Kaz comes up with a plan to replace all the screens in the bar with a wanted poster with Coles face on. The idea being that Cole is distracted while we take out any backup he has.

Kari decides to get a surveillance droid so that we can follow him if he flees.

Conversation moves on to focusing on extracting Isoder without fighting Cole. Plans to take out Cole become a backup plan, disrupting the emperor’s orders is seen as more important than getting revenge.

Final plan: Quan and Valin go into the bar, get Isoder out the back door. Quan holds off anyone who tries to stop them. Valin focuses on keeping Isoder alive. Kaz waits out the front, to intercept any backup from the front door. Biter waits at the back to slow down any pursuit.

Kari monitors everything from the ship.

Valin & Quan head into the bar, on the way in Valin pays particular attention to a crimson skinned Twi’lek girl.

Valin grabs a couple of drinks and asks the barman if Isoder is around.

Barman: Ah, long time no see! Yeah, he’s round the back I’ll go get him for you.

After a few minutes Isoder appears and wanders over to them.

Isoder: Valin, how are you? Things working out for you with the alliance?

Valin: um, about that. We’ve come across some information that you’re under imperial watch.

Isoder: Nah, I’ve got friends in the Empire, I’m not under any watch.

Kari spots Cole walking up the street towards the front doors.

Kari: He’s coming up to the doors now

As soon as Kaz gets the message he ducks into the alleyway. Doesn’t want to get involved.

Valin tries to convince Isoder to carry on the conversation in the office.

Isoder: Nah! We’re fine just here! my bar is safe, you know that. The imperials wouldn’t dare come in here!

Quan leans over and does the Jedi wavey hands trick.

Quan: Isoder, you’ve done us a favor in the past, we need to get out for a second.

Isoder: okay, I guess we can head to the office for a second.

Kari gets facial recognition from the surveillance droid on Cole so that she can follow him easily.

Quan feels a major disturbance in the force.

Valin and Isoder get knocked back down the corridor, the door slams shut and locks. The crimson skinned twi’lek draws a lightsabre and looks directly at Quan. As she does he notices she has yellowish eyes.

Most of the other patrons are leaving hurriedly through the main door.

Kari calls through to Valin telling him to get Isoder to unlock the door so that Quan can get out.

Twi’lek: Quan, I have a friend who wishes to meet you.

Quan: Do I have to pay double?

Quan takes up a defensive position

Twi’lek: You will do what my emperor tells you to do.

Quan: what’s he telling me to do?

Twi’lek: Join us

Quan: Yeah, I don’t think so. Thanks anyway.

She attacks, Quan parries and swings back.

Kaz realises Cole is coming directly for him and backs into an alleyway. Notices that it’s a dead end, with no other ways out.

Valin tries to get Isoder to open the door but he’s still shaken from being slammed into the wall.

As she swings again

Twi’lek: Did you really think this was about that insignificant bar owner?

Quan: I did a bit to be honest, I really did. What are you here for then?

Valin calls through to Kaz

Valin: Kaz move round here now. Either that or help Quan. Front or back entrance, your choice.

Kaz: I cant go round the front, Cole’s skipped the entrance, I think this is worse than we thought

Kaz legs it down the alleyway.

Cole follows at an insane speed.

Twi’lek: you have tasted the dark side of the force, you know its power. Join us.

Quan: Tempting.

Quan uses force point, but she parries it easily.

Kari: someone get ready at the back door, Kaz is going to need in, Cole is following him.

Biter busts into the main room. Scans the room, can only see Quan’s back. Holds a shot for when he can see the Sith.

Kaz, knowing that he’s going to have better luck defending himself with a lightsabre than a blaster puts the blaster away and unclips the saber from his belt. Calls to Valin to shut and lock the door behind him.

Bitter fires a shot at the evil stripper, but she deflects it back at him.

Quan realises that the twi lek is half Sith, uses another force point to try to take her out quickly. She just about parries it.

Kari notices 6 stormtroopers heading for the back. Lets everyone know.

Biter takes another shot, hits her but she absorbs the energy.

Twi’lek flings one of the poles at Biter, he almost dodges but the pole clips him, stuns him.

Valin tosses a grenade down the alley towards the stormtroopers and waits to shut the door as soon as Kaz gets through.

Kaz: i suppose I should thank you Cole, If it wasn’t for you I never would have found the rebels!

Isoder locks the door as soon as Valin closes it.

Quan edges backwards towards the bar, trying to move her away from the rest of us.

Kari sees more stormtroopers in the network of alleyways.

Valin orders Isoder to open the door to the main room, and tells Kaz to protect him.

Isoder: the controls are jammed, it’s not opening!

Kaz draws his blaster again, points it at the door Cole is going to be coming in through

Kaz: Valin, can I have some of those grenades?

Valin passes him two.

A lightsaber blade comes through the door, starts cutting a hole. Kaz fires two shots at roughly where his head should be. They fizzle on the door.

Quan leaps up onto the bar and keeps fighting

Two more poles break off from the stage and fly towards Biter. He dodges them both.

Valin tells Isoder and Biter to follow him and heads through the stage door towards the exit.

Kaz waits till Cole has almost cut through the door then rolls a grenade down the corridor.

Biter moves towards the door, shooting as he goes. Fires 2 shots, Twi’lek bounces them both back at him but he dives out the way.

Quan tries to use the distraction to take her out, but fails.

The Sith turns round to biter and crushes his arm and gun using the force.

Kari is watching the carnage in the bar, sees Biter get attacked

Valin, strolls casually along the stage, one pistol in each hand, firing as he goes. 6 shots, but she deflects them all.

Kaz comes round the corner, sees what’s going on and draws his lightsaber.

Quan, again, tries to use the distraction but fails.

Twi’lek throws Valin, Kaz and Isoder back against the wall, Kaz fails to block the force attack, Isoder is stunned.

Biter looks up at Valin

Biter: I need a gun!

Valin throws him a blaster and they both open fire, both are deflected.

Kaz recognises the desperation of Quans situation, takes a deep breath, feels the force flowing aruond him and fires 8 shots at the Twi’lek’s back, one gets through and stuns her.

Quan makes two attacks, hits with one, and wounds her.

Kari, watching things from the cameras calls desperately over the comms to Quan

Kari: You’ve gotta run. Now!

Valin takes another couple of shots

Kaz runs for the door, taking another shot.

Quan makes one last attack and runs for the door.

Twi’lek attempts to throw another pole, but misses impressively

Kari has noticed dozens more stormtroopers arriving, is stood up in the cockpit screaming into the communicator telling them all to run. Gets through to Valin, tells him that Cole is blocking their path to the ship.

Biter opens the front door, steps out and opens up on them. Hits all three of them three times each. Kills two and incapacitates one.

Valin comes out the door and sees Cole running towards them.

Valin: Quan! for fuck’s sake, now!

Takes a shot at Cole, who deflects it.

Kaz runs past the others to try to get between Cole and the others.

Quan, while running tries to throw a pole at the Sith. As it flies towards her she catches it on her lightsaber and melts it into a puddle.

She flings one of the last poles towards the door trying to block the way out, Quan senses it coming and knocks it out the way.

Biter moves around the corner and takes 3 shots at Cole, who deflects them all.
Valin lobs a grenade towards the incoming stormtroopers then legs it down the street, taking a shot at Cole as he goes, wounds him.

As Cole staggers back Kaz shoulder charges him, battering his lightsaber aside with his own and knocking him on his ass. Stands there, lightsaber pointed at him, waiting for the others to get past and Quan to catch up.

Quan really wants to go back to finish the Twi’lek off, but at Kari’s urging he runs. Sees Kaz standing over the fallen Agent and waits to see what he will do.

Theres a huge hail of fire from both groups of troops, but no one is hit.

Kari, realising that they are finally heading back to the ship sinks back into the seat, relieved.

Biter fires off some more shots at the stormtroopers, wounds one.

Valin hurls two grenades, one at each group of troops, as he runs. Tells Quan and Kaz to do the same. One grenade takes a group down, the other misses.

Kaz takes a swing at Cole, trying to cut his lightsaber from his hand (or cut his hand off, whichever works) but he manages to just about deflect it.

Quan sees Kaz making the last attack and decides to go for it. Stabs Cole as he passes, seriously wounds him. Swears, and runs.




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