Tatooine Bad Boy

Week 7 Transcript

Pencael IV – imperial world

Capital: Nodnol

The plan: Quan stays with the ship, everyone else joins the retinue of the eccentric droid collector (valin).

Alliance books us passage on a luxury cruise to help our cover and gives us 200k credits.

Quan tries to blag them out of more but they turn him down, so he asks Valin, who obliges with 15k.

They also give us a coterie of new droids: a waiter, a waitress, a medical droid, a repair droid and Lenore, a pleasure droid.

En route: Kari geeks out about the droids, Valin studies them, trying to pick up as much knowledge as he can from kari to make the cover believable. Kaz plays dutiful bodyguard – two steps behind Valin at all times, eyes everywhere, hand near his gun. Biter is bored with being a waiter, holding back the urge to kill people.

Quan spends his time in the cockpit. The less said about that the better…

Quan arrives at night, parks up nearby and leaves the cloak on. Heads into Nodnol in the morning, brings everything but lightsaber.

Stringent weapons check , but he’s let through with gaffi stick and stun blaster. Spends some time wandering around the bars trying to get the feel for the city, what the peoples view is of the empire and the the general mood of the place. They’re all pretty happy with the empire. Finds out where Mon mothra is being held and goes to check it out, very heavily guarded. Also finds out that Governor Eblark isn’t very well liked. The upper classes put on a front of liking him but the lower classes think he’s a total arse. Not particularly viscious, just very up himself, a bit power crazed. And he’s having a big glamorous ball at the Bellamar hotel that everyone who’s anyone will be coming along to. Including Mon Mothra.

On the cruise liner Kaz spends some time trying to read the people on board, doesn’t get much of use.

When we arrive on the planet there is a bit of trouble getting Biter through customs but the forged papers provided to us by the Alliance get us by.

Kari and Biter have a bit of a heart to heart- Kari lets him know that she’s as bored as he is with all the sitting around.

Can’t get in touch with Quan (communicator off), so Kaz heads off into the city to find him using the force. Finds the right bar and wanders in, assuming Quan will notice him coming in. Quan does, and sits there waiting for Kaz to come over to him. After a while Kaz realises that Quan isn’t going to get up, goes and takes a table near him.

Kaz: So… you planning on joining us at any point?
Quan: You can come and sit closer, I don’t bite.
Kaz: We’re going to have to get you some kind of a cover, or are you happy just mooching about on your own?
Quan: I’m happy on my own for a bit. How long have you been on the planet? When did you arrive?
Kaz: We got here this morning
Quan: I presume you already know where Mon Mothra is staying then? I presume you know about the party at the hotel you’re staying in? (
Kaz: Sounds like you’ve been busy. Can you at least turn your communicator on? we’ve been trying to get in touch with you all day.
Quan: Shit, I always forget about this thing. (turns it on) So shall we go back to the hotel?
Kaz: Well, if you want to be staying on the streets you’re probably better keeping your cover up
Quan: True. I think I’ve got a lead I want to follow up. I’ll let you know when I’m done/
Kaz: I don’t suppose you’ve got any way of getting in touch with Mon Mothra?
Quan: That’s the lead.
Kaz: Anything I can help with?
Quan: At the moment I don’t know.
Kaz: Well, you’ve got your communicator, get in touch.

Kaz finishes his drink and leaves.

Valin gets in touch with Quan telling him to get himself some smart duds and meet us at a nice fancy restaurant to discuss tactics.

That evening Quan heads over to Mon Mothra’s house. Manages to use the force to speak with her.

Quan: Mon Mothra?
MM: Hello?
Quan: My name is Quan Lund. I’m a member of the Rebel Alliance. My party are here to rescue you. To do that we need your cooperation.
MM: I thought all the Jedi were dead…
Quan: Most do. Myself and my companions are here to rescue you. As you know its quite a heavily guarded world, so we have a plan. There’s a ball coming up..
MM: Yes, I’ve heard
Quan: During the course of this party we’re going to make contact with you and get to a place where we can get you offworld.
MM: I see
Quan: It might be a sudden exposure(?) from the party, so don’t be alarmed.
Quan describes the rest of the party, including Valin’s alias.
MM: I see. I will be waiting for your signal, Master Quan.

Quan heads back to the bar (shocker), gets some sleep, then goes out in the morning to get some nice clothes, have a shave etc. Then goes to meet the others at the restaurant for planning.

Meanwhile, Biter is getting bored
“Seriously, It’s been 2 days since I last killed anyone”

Valin spends a week splashing shitloads of cash- showing up at premiers, buying art, getting some quality threads for everyone (including Kari, who isn’t happy with the situation) and buying a nice ornate silver tray for biter to serve drinks from. Manage to get ourselves an invite to the party.

At the party:

Mingling, waiting for Mon Mothra to take a break.

When she does, Kari goes too. Valin sends Kaz along to keep an eye on her, and Biter follows, along with pleasure bot.

Two guards accompanying MM wait in the lobby area

Valin sends waiter droid to knock over a table by the toilet.

Droids bumps into table, apologises and starts tidying it up.

Kari notices MM, introduces herself, clearly nervous. MM calms her down.

Kari puts the lightsabre up to the wall and activates it, cuts a hole big enough to climb through.

Biter goes in to check on Kari

Biter: I am programmed to check after four minutes

Kaz hears over the guards radio: “There’s a problem in the ladies toilets. Move. Now!”
The guards pull pistols and turn to move
Kaz tries to get in the way

Kaz: whoa woah woah, what’s going on?

They ignore him and shoulder past.
As the second one goes past Kaz draws pistol, turns it round and pistol whips him in the back of the head, he stumbles forwards.
Biter hears the guards coming in, spins round and takes his tray to the first guard’s face. Guard dodges out of the way.
Guard takes a shot at Biter but misses

Kari, looking through the hole notices two guards with blasters on the other side. She ducks out the way, pulls MM with her and calls for Biter
Biter walks to the guard lying on the floor. Puts foot on his chest and takes another swing with the tray.
Kaz turns gun round, shoots guard in the shoulder, he collapses.
Kari stays hiding

Quan calls Valin
Quan: What’s going on? should I be flying yet?
Valin: I have no idea.

Biter: Facial imprint acquiring…
Takes another swing at the downed guard with his tray. Kills him, gets the imprint of his face in the silver tray, as the guards from outside climb in the hole.
Kaz steps into the room, sees the two guards, shoots the first one in the shoulder which stuns him.
Second guard takes a shot at Kaz, narrowly misses.

Biter picks up the gun up, fires 3 shots, 2 at the standing one 1 at the stunned one. Stuns them both some more
As the guard falls through the hole Kari clambers through, starts frantically pressing the button to call the lift
Kaz tried to knock out the guard on the floor, kicks him in the face.
Valin sticks his head into the bathroom, sees the situation is under control
Valin: “Very nice, clean up”
Turns round, and heads out to the lifts the long way.
As MM goes to climb though, more guards out in the lobby raise blasters and tell her to stop, put hands up.

Biter moves up behind her and pulls her back into the room.
Kaz hears what’s going on, drops to one knee and prepares to fire supressive fire at first target that becomes visible through the hole.
Kari is still hiding, being ignored and loving it.
Guard steps through the hole, Biter and Kaz disintegrate him.
Second guard shoots Biter, stuns him.

Lift arrives, Kari half gets in, holds the door
Kaz takes a shot at the next guard, takes him down. Doesn’t move, waiting for another to appear.
Valin arrives at the lobby area, notices two other guards heading towards them, shoots the third guard in the back of the head and steps into the room
Kari: Squee!
Biter wakes up from being stunned, steps through the hole, sees one guard left barely alive on the floor. Fires many, many shots into his back.
Two guards heading towards us, Valin turns, takes a shot at each and misses
Guards fire at Biter and hit, stuns him again.

Kari grabs MM and pulls her through into the lift
Kaz steps through the hole, stops outside the lift and takes a shot at one of the guards. Guard dodges like a boss.
Valin takes a shot as he walks into the lift, covering fire.
Guards fire at Kaz and Valin who both dodge.

Biter wakes up, fires two shots at each guard, kills them both.
We all get in the lift and head to the top floor.

Ze End.



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