Tatooine Bad Boy

Week 8 Transcript

Bite hides behind the bar. Valin goes upstairs with the ladies

Valin: Kaz! Gun!

Kaz throws a pistol to Valin, who fails to catch it.

Valin calls up to Kari: “Second exit from the bedroom to the garden”

Valin goes back to pick up the pistol, passes it to Mon Mothma.

Kaz: Valin, cover those doors. The moment I run for the lift I’m going to need covering fire

Kari charges into the bedroom, rips the clothes out of the wardrobe, puts the lightsabre to the wall and starts cutting a hole
Valin hands the blaster to MM
Valin: If anything makes it up the stairs past me would you be so kind?
Valin moves the small table to the top of the stairs, ready to throw it down if anyone gets up.
Kari sticks her head around the corner

Kari to Valin: where’s Biter?
Valin: downstairs, holding the fort.
Kari: where?
Valin: …Bar, I think.

Kari nods, goes back to cutting hole
Kaz is kneeling behind the sofa, hears the lift doors open and spins round to see 4 guards. Fires two shots at them, stuns one.
One of the guards runs for the nearest room. One takes a shot at Kaz, who dodges.

Kari is still cutting, MM is crouched in the corner, gun aimed at the door. Valin takes cover at the top of the stairs, covering the other door.
Valin: need a hand down there?
Kaz takes two shots at the guard running to join his friend in the side room, misses both.
All the guards take shots at Kaz, all miss. One more makes it into the side room, another heads for the stairs.

Kari finishes cutting through the wall, pokes head out to see what’s going on. Starts moving the bed into a more defensive position. MM sees she’s strugglings, helps her.
Valin: What the hell’s going on down there? Kaz, Biter, Tell me!
Biter is still waiting for an ambush opportunity
Kaz: They’re coming out the lift and taking cover in the bedroom… I’ve got this
Kari (through communicators): Biter, access file rudimentary projectile incendiary weaponry- Molotov cocktail. line dies
Biter gets up, grabs two flammable bottles off the bar and puts them down beside him.
The guards open fire at Kaz, two hit, stun him twice. Falls to the floor behind the sofa.
Kaz: Biter! Help!

Valin sees Kaz get hit, leans round and takes a shot at one of the guards, misses.
Biter stands up from behind the bar, fires at the two guards in the elevator. Hits the one on the floor, kills him, the second dodges.
Guards start firing at the bottles on the bar. One blows up, sending fire everywhere. Biter takes it like a man, no damage.

Kari hears all the gunfire, looks out, sees Valin on the stairs being shot at, the bar on fire, Kaz down.
Kari: Ohhh
Kari hides again.
Valin glances to the big door, checking to see if anyone is there yet. Fires at the guards in the bedroom, they dodge.
Biter picks up one of the bottles, hurls it towards the lift and shoots it out of the air as it reaches the door. Kaboom, fire everywhere. Throws the second one towards the door of the bedroom, it goes wide. Biter decides it’s too close to Kaz, takes his second shot at one of the guards in the room. Hits, stuns.
Guard/Badass standing in elevator (and flames) takes a shot.
Three more guards appear through the main door, start shooting at Kaz, all miss.

Valin backs up the stairs, shooting at the new guards, they dodge.
Kaz, still lying on the floor, takes two shots at the guard he can see from behind the sofa, stuns him.
Biter stands up behind the bar, fires twice at the two standing guards, who dodge.
Guards come up the stairs after Valin. Badass in the lift still shooting at Kaz’s foot sticking out from the side of the sofa. Kaz moves out the way. The ones in the doorway keep shooting bottles behind the bar. Fire damage stuns Biter.

Valin, retreating up the stairs, takes two shots at the guards below, misses both.
Kaz fires twice more, still lying down, wounds the stunned one.
Biter is still stunned, fire damage.
guard running for the stairs takes a shot at the bar, one misses, another blasts another bottle, showering Biter with even more fire. Stuns him again

Kari notices the fire, grabs lightsaber, ignites it by a sprinkler to set off the fire alarms.
Valin takes another shot, misses again.
Kaz, still down, shoots again, but guard dodges it like a cheating mofo.
Guards shoot at Kaz again, Kaz dodges. Two guards are climbing up the stairs towards Valin.

Kari sees the guards, calls to Valin, ducks behind the door and closes it behind her.
Valin tips the table down the stairs to make an obstacle and takes a shot at the first guard. Wounds him, he tumbles back down the stairs.
Kaz fires twice at the two guards in the doorway, one is standing, the other wounded. Hits both, stuns both.
Biter stands up, grabs the last unbroken bottle, takes two shots at the stunned/wounded guards. Kills both.
Guards in the bedroom keep shooting, no damage.

Kaz hears the sound of people coming up the corridor. Notices the elevator has gone down.
Kaz: we’ve got more incoming!
Valin takes a shot at Mr Badass coming up the stairs, stuns him.
Ka readies two shots at whoever comes in the door.
Biter stands again. Takes three shots at the guards in the room. Kills one, misses with the other shots.
Movement outside the door, Kaz fires, hits with one of his shots. Blasts his protocol droid to bits. Swears loudly (as a minor action).
Lift arrives, three stormtroopers. They start shooting at the bar and the sofa, don’t hit anyone.

Valin, laughing at kaz for shooting his own droid, takes shots at the two wounded/stunned guards on the stairs. Stuns them some more.
Kaz takes two shots at one of the stormtroopers, hits both, wounds him.
Biter takes one shot at the guy in the bedroom and one at the wounded stormtrooper. Stuns stormtrooper again, misses other guy.
Guard on the stairs shoots at Valin, he dodges. Stormtroopers shoot at Kaz, he dodges.
Pleasure bot starts moving to the stairs, waiter droids start cleaning up protocol droid.

Kari is not very happy with the sprinklers. Totally soaked.
Kari: The ghost’s inbound, upstairs, quick as possible.
Valin keeps shooting at the guys on the stairs. Incaps the wounded guy, wounds the other one.
Kaz: Biter! Get their heads down!
Kaz gets ready to run for the stairs.
Biter fires his grenade hand, which is holding the last bottle of flammable alcohol, into the lift. Kills two of them, wounds another.
Kaz runs for the stairs, doesn’t even try to not hurt the guy, just shoots him in the back.
Waiter droids have moved to the bottom of the stairs. Pleasure bot is halfway up.
All the guards and stormtroopers are either dead or stunned

We hear the roar of the Ghost’s engines.
Kari recognises the sound of her ship instantly, hurries Mon Mothma through the hole in the back of the wardrobe and hangs out in the doorway waiting for biter and her brother.
Valin covers the top of the stairs, waiting for any enemies to come through the door.
Kaz, as he’s running up the stairs, grabs the stunned guard and hurls him backwards down the stairs.
Biter: I need covering fire. Please assist.
Biter runs for the stairs, takes two shots at the guard in the room and the last stormtrooper.
Guard takes a shot, biter dodges like a boss.
Pleasure droid makes it up to the room, other two are right behind Kaz.

Kari hears Quan calling urgently on the radio “we need to go now, I’ve got incoming”
Kari calls out to the others: we need to go now, tie fighters.
Valin shoots the guy at the bottom of the stairs, kills him.
Kaz moves up the stairs, spins, takes a shot at the guard in the room, who dodges.
Biter runs, full speed, takes two shots at the guard as he goes, sounds him. Makes it to the bottom of the stairs.
Biter: Target suppressed. Run.
More stormtroopers appear outside the door, shoot at biter but miss.

Valin takes two shots at the stormtroopers, stuns one.
Valin: Don’t shoot, just run!
Biter keeps running, throws his gun at the stormtroopers
Biter: Piece of shit weapon. 4 dice my ass.
All the stormtroopers fire at Valin, they ALL miss.

Everyone gets on the ghost. As we climb on board the ship is hit by a massive blast…



wow sounds like I missed quite the firefight… Steve.. did you kill your own droid?

Week 8 Transcript

nope, just ahem scratched him a little. In other news: Stu is an asshat.

Week 8 Transcript

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