Tatooine Bad Boy

Week 9 transcript.

Chad loves salty nuts. And has no sense of irony.

We take off, with the two tie bombers that Quan has been tracking in hot pursuit. One of their missiles get through, Quan fails to miss the hotel, does damage to the ship.
Kari runs straight for the engine room
Valin calls “biter upstairs, take the heavy blaster. Kaz, take our esteemed guest somewhere she can strap herself in.”
Heads for the ion turret.
Kari notices the overwhelming smell of cigars throughout the ship.
Quan floors it, manages to gain ground on one of the pursuers, the other keeps up. They open fire, he manages to dodge the shots, but notices 4 more fighters incoming.

Kari makes it to the engine room, sets about trying to fix the hyperdrive.
Bitter crawls up to the turret, gets on the gun and shoots at the closest bomber. Hits, does minor damage.
Valin asks Kari how much time it’s going to take to fix the drive, she’s too focused on doing it to answer.
Valin takes two shots at the closest bomber, first hits it, no effect. Second is dodged.

Kaz has taken MM to the quarters, tries to figure out where he’ll be of use. Heads for engine room to help Kari.
The second bomber moves up to close range. They both open fire.
Quan dodges one, the second hits. Shield absorbs the damage.
Hyperdrive powers up, kari looks smug then heads to the shield generator
Biter opens fire again, damages one of the bombers. Valin hits another, sends it spiralling out of control with ion damage
The 4 tie-INs catch up and open fire. Quan dodges

Kari starts work on recharging the shield.
Biter hits the bomber again, does minor damage to the paintwork.
Valin hits too, ion damage to the bomber sends it falling to the planet.
Kaz arrives at engine room, sees everything is working heads to the shields to see if anyone needed help.
Quan: Kari! Kaz! Someone! Nav computer now, now, now!
Star destroyers start appearing on the scanner.

Kari hears Quan’s plea for help, sees kaz arriving, point to shields
Kari: Fix that!
Runs off to the cockpit.
Biter fires 2 shots at the already damaged bomber, hits with one.
Valin shoots at the bomber too, fully ionises it, it falls back out of range.
Kaz stares at the shield generator, doesn’t really know what to do.
Quan manages to dodge one of the fighters, shields absorb the damage from the rest.
Two more interceptors appear.

Kari starts program the nav computer
Biter goes hardcore, shoots 6 shots at the tie-ins behind. First one dodges a shot then gets hit, destroyed.
Second dodges, then takes massive damage.
Third dodges twice.
Valin takes two shots at the damaged target, ionises it.
Kaz presses a few buttons, gets a little bit closer to figuring out the shield.
We get shot an awful lot, Reggie can’t keep up with the shields, we get hit with an ion cannon and a heavy blaster.

Kari uses force point to get sort out the nav comm.
Hyperdrive kicks in, Quan leans back in his seat, relieved. Lights cigar, grabs whiskey. Kari confiscates whiskey and takes a massive swig.
Quan: nice dress
Valin: There had better be some alcohol on board.

After a week of R&R (fixing the ship in kari’s case) we get briefed.
We are attacking a data stockade on a station under the ‘cover’ of a fighter raid. We’re to land on the station and steak data before its destroyed. We have 3 Y-wings, we have a rebel pilot with us, and Wing commander Chad and his squad of X-wings are coming with us
Chad: ahem. You’re coming with the x-wings.
Biter goes with Kari, Valin with Quan (so valin can bring up the quan/Kari situation), Kaz with the redshirt.

We arrive at the station, TIE-fighters are launched.
Quan (aka gold leader) orders us to head straight for the hangar.
Chad: Full speed ahead! We’ll clear a path.
Chad takes a shot at the lead TF, it barrel rolls out the way.
Biter fires a shot that goes miles wide.
Valin holds fire.
Kaz tries to use the force to set up his shot, doesn’t quite work.
Red squadron miss
TIE fighters shoot back, all miss too.

Biter and Valin both miss
Kaz successfully uses the force, more chance to hit next time.
Everyone misses! Surprise!
…and again
…Except The Chad who blows a TIE-in to pieces.
Lots more missing and dodging.

Valin hits a fighter and heavily damages it.
The three Y-wings successfully land on the station.
The Chad blows up another fighter

Biter runs down the ramp, looking for enemy troops. Sees… Lots. Takes a shot but misses.
Valin also comes out shooting.
Kaz pauses in the door of his y-wing, takes cover and shoots. They both miss.
Chad and his squad take out another 2 fighters.
Stormtroopers ready weapons…

Biter opens fire as he runs, wounds a stormtrooper
Valin calls out “Troops, left!”
Valin wounds a trooper.
Kaz tells the others to carry on, he’ll keep an eye on the hangar. Shoots at another of the guards, wounds him.
Quan reaches the guards with his lightsabre, cuts one in half.
Chad kills yet more.

Biter and kari run for the door behind Quan.
Valin and Kaz are still in the hangar, shooting more guards.
The Chad keeps killing. Like a boss.
One of Chads squad gets shot.
Chad: you guys need to hurry up, my guys are dying out here.
Wounded guard shoots at Valin, misses.
As the lift arrives two guards appear at the end of the corridor, fire at Quan. He deflects one of their shots with his saber.

Biter shoots one of them.
Valin calls to the others to carry on.
Kaz sprints for the door by the elevators to clear the exit for the others.

Kari looks out the door, sees 6 stormtroopers.
Biter takes 2shots, kills one.
Valin nails another of the guards in the hangar.
Kaz wounds one of the guards on the corridor

Quan runs down the corridor, leaps the console and takes out 4 stormtroopers with the lightsabre.
Chad takes down yet more fighters. Only 2 left.
Stormtroopers fire at Quan, he deflects one of the shots

Kari hides in the lift, waiting for it to calm down.
Biter kills two more.
Valin walks over to the wounded guard and shoots him again, he dies.
Kaz peeks round the corner and takes a shot, guard dodges
Quan force pushes a grenade down the corridor, blows the crap out of everyone.
Chad locks on, spins around, fires his torpedoes backwards, still takes down the last TIE fighters.
‘The Chad has killed everything, and is going to start targeting the station imminently. The Chad thinks it would be a good idea to move your ass.’

Kari runs up to the console, starts downloading the required data.
Biter finds a still living guard, finishes him
Valin walks up to corridor Kaz is covering.
Kaz takes another shot at guard, misses.
Chads squad takes up positions around the station waiting to blow out up.
Stormtroopers shoot back at Kaz, he dodges.
New stormtroopers appear in the control room, shoot at Quan who deflects the shots.

Kari finishes getting data.
Biter opens fire at the two troopers, wounds one, stuns the other.
Valin takes out one of the guards at the end of the corridor.
Quan finishes off the ones biter wounded.

We flee the station with the data, Chad blows up the base.



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