Tatooine Bad Boy

Kari 2.1b
Ill Met By Moonlight - Part 2

Down, down, down. It was, Kari assumed, most abnormal to grow impatient waiting for inevitable death, but the fall seemed to be taking so long that she started to wonder if she had, in fact, not imagined the sense of weightlessness as the cable had snapped.

To fill the time, she began calculating how fast she was falling. v = v0 + a x t, her brain provided instantaneously. Well, her initial rate of descent would be near-as-damn-it, 0mph. Her body would have been catapulted upwards then stopped, if only for a fraction of a second, soon after the wire snapped. Acceleration was related to gravity. That was easy. She had seen the gravity exerted by the small world when she had landed the Ghost. The effects on her acceleration would be approximately (she rounded up for ease) 9.8 m/s2. At this point she ran into problems, because she had no idea how long she had been falling.
She assumed only a second or two, but she could not measure, or prove, that point…how frustrating, she thought.

Down, down, down.
Stay calm. Try to turn yourself around, if you can
The words formed perfectly in the centre of her consciousness; a radiant beacon which blazed through the myriad of other half ideas and notions which were starting to emerge in response to her situation. For a split second it stood, a towering edifice in her mind, the shock of its sudden presence seeming to silence all other thoughts, but quickly her brain identified it as an outsider, an invader not of its own thought processes and then, like a transplanted organ which the body turns on, the idea’s clarity and purity was lost. Assailed on all sides by her doubt, scepticism, and growing fear, the words started to fade.
Why should I?
Who said that?
What’s the point? I don’t want to see my destination…

Kari 2.1a
Ill Met By Moonlight - Part 1

The chord snapped.

And the world stopped.

Kari hung in the air, motionless, seeming to have infinite time to move her head to the right, avoiding the injured metal serpent that lunged angrily towards her, powered by its tensility. Despite her best efforts, it still bit her cheek, causing an explosion of crimson, before retreating to its lair in the gun’s winch. The steel coiled itself around the central axel with such pace that when its torn end hit home, the force ripped the weapon from her freezing grip and sent it into the abyss.

She watched the blaster, wondering if it too would be held in the air, as she was.
It was not. She glanced up the sheer cliff and saw Valin. He stared at her, eyes like pools, shouting something which the wind claimed long before it ever reached her ears, and suddenly Oberon was grabbing him, pulling him from the edge as her brother fought vainly.
As she looked at Valin, she became aware that he was shrinking, which forced her to acknowledge for the first time, the sensation of her descent; the wind tugging at her clothes and hair. The spell which had kept her frozen in time had expired; she supposed it had never existed anyway, just her body trying to prepare her for death.
So this is how it would end? Smashed off rocks on a backwater planet….who would look after Reggie and Biter? And the Ghost?
And Valin…
“Valin” she said, reaching out for her brother, a hundred metres above, pointlessly clawing at the void between them as though she could escape her fate by climbing to him.
Today would have been a good day to stay on the ship, she mused.
Kari hoped Oberon’s death would be as unpleasant as her own.

Kari 1.4b

Kari lay on her back.
Her knees were bent, feet together on the floor. Beneath her was a small board with four wheels attached it. Above her were several metric tonnes of Y-Wing.
The fighter had taken quite a beating in its last engagement and many of the electrical systems had shorted, luckily the pilot had been able to get the ship home before system failures became critical. His astromech droid was not as fortunate, being fried almost instantly. Poor little thing.
As she worked away she heard quick footsteps coming towards her. This was not uncommon in the hanger bay so she ignored it, until the footsteps continued. Glancing down her own body she saw a set of legs pacing back and forth next to the ship. She recognised the boots.
It was Valin.

After a bit more passing, he put himself down, next to the Y-Wing’s right nacelle, “I don’t know who that kid thinks he is” he said angrily, turning his head to look under the ship at his sister, “You were right! I should have left his sorry ass on Akanephin”
She did not reply, listening as she continued to work on the fighter; one by one checking wires for life, and marking them if they were active.

Kari 1.4a
Avoidance and Obfuscation

As soon as Kari had jumped the Kaladon Ghost to hyperspace she realised that she had made two small but significant errors. The first was that the Ghost almost certainly moved faster than the imperial freighter. Although she did not know the exact engine specifications of the ship, her best guesses (looking at model and taking load into account) put the Edren Star at about three days slower than them, though if she was honest with herself, it was probably going to be more like a week.
This led to her second error…

She had not factored in that this left her alone with Kaz for a week. She could console herself in the knowledge that in deep space they had no practical way of swapping crew members between the two ships, but that, somehow, did not make it better.
The woman had far from forgiven him for taking them into the Imperial ambush, or getting her brother shot at repeatedly. Her severance from Tros-ssikar had also been weighing heavy on her mind; waking in the dead of night with the plant’s Sulphur Dioxide emissions in her nostrils, and the warming, artificial orange glow permeating her eyelids. Sleep, then unwilling to take her back, she would lie away for hours, trapped by memories of her home.
Kaz was dangerous…
He had already succeeded in taking her home from her and he seemed determined to take her brother from her too.

Week 6 Transcript

Not much in character chatter this week, so I’ve included anything that could have been in character, might need some tweaking to get it to sound like proper conversations though.

After the successful mission Oberon calls us over. He’s found a message in the hacked data from imperial command telling the mining operation to increase production tenfold by next year or they’re going to have to abandon the operation.
Oberon thinks that if we destroy their main reserve they’ll be forced to abandon the operation.
Kaz: or they’ll get pissed off and come and kill us.
Once again, not allowed to use the ship. Oberon is a dick.

Kaz 2.1

I’m not usually phased when meeting new species. Akenephin V saw a steady stream of offworlders arriving daily to work in the the mines, and I was pretty sure I’d seen every shape and size of humanoid there was to see. Thats not to say there was anything physically unusual about the delegates from Shaymore, but, like so many things in the last week, I couldn’t help being fascinated by them. Their obvious enthusiasm and excitement to be here, amidst the greatest beacon of hope in the galaxy, struck a chord with me; I knew just how they felt. As the briefing wore on and we learned more about their struggle against the vastly superior forces of the Empire my sympathy for the Sesseh grew. A sense of purpose, of destiny even, was surging inside me, and I knew that I would do everything in my power to help. This was why I had left Akanephin V- to make a difference to the galaxy, to finally throw myself into the fight against oppression and actually do something worthwhile.
I just hoped no one would expect me to swim.

Week 5 Transcript

Some liberties have been taken with timing- we jumped around a little so i’ve tried to get everything in an order that makes sense.
Don’t 100% copy and paste the speaking parts, rewrite your characters as you wish to tell a better story, but don’t rewrite anyone elses without checking with them first.


Major Gial Gahana – Mon cal
Commander Oberon lylin – human, training instructor

Sesseh from Shaymore (Otters)
Elooshe & Aredor

Kaz 1.1c

By the time Valin arrived back from the Cantina my mood had shifted again. The emptiness that had preceded my despair was a distant memory. In its place dwelt a quiet, churning rage. I had put everything into this, abandoned my old life and sold everything I had for this ridiculous quest, and now the only clue I had was gone. With it had gone probably my only chance of learning to control the unceasing whispers in my head. Worse still, I was alone. I had a few more credits left, barely enough to pay the crew of the Ghost for one more voyage and then they too would leave and I would have to start a new life on some strange world with no money and no friends, and I knew exactly how that would end up.
I’m a damn good shot with a blaster. It’s no accident: I’ve spent a lot of time practicing, but even before that I had a gift. Its not a pleasant realisation to come to, that the only things that set you apart from normal people are the voices in your head and an unnatural talent for causing harm. When you live on a world as corrupt as Akenephin V mining is only part of your job. Everyone but the rich and well connected does their time in the mines, but the pay is barely enough to keep you alive, and the work is dangerous, thanks to the unpredictable geology that keeps the surface layers so rich in minerals. So, naturally, getting out of the mines is high on everyone’s list of priorities as soon as they realise they were sold a raw deal to get here. Luckily for us there’s plenty of work to be found above ground, and plenty of indentured workers coming in daily to take your place. Very little of the work is what you might call ‘legal’, but as long as you don’t mess with an arbitrator no one is ever going to care. You make your way however you can, and if someone puts a blaster in your hand and pays you to hold it you stand there and you hold it like you mean it, because you might not get paid like this again for weeks.
And when someone shoots at you you damn well shoot back, because if you die who’s going to bring home her medicine?
And when you kill…
You try to forget, you try to get away, and you do everything in your power never to go back.

“Actually, we do have another lead”
I spun, wide eyed, to face the crew as Quan explained the situation. Could it be possible? My knuckles were screaming in pain, those crates were a hell of a lot more solid than I guessed, but I ignored it. This could be the last chance we would ever get and I was determined not to waste a second.

Dugg was a man who worked alone. Perhaps that’s just how everyone worked out here, but I doubted it. I knew his type well. I’m pretty sure I shot one once, actually. The small fry who thinks he’s clever enough to be left alone by the big fish, when in actual fact he’s just about insignificant enough to be ignored. If he was really the only person around who could help us we were going to pay well over the odds for the pleasure, but it would be worth it. After the emotional storm of the last few hours I finally felt like I had a chance again, no matter how slim. If Kenobi really left in as much of a hurry as it seemed there was a chance he’d left something behind, maybe even enough to buy my way into the Alliance.
Duggs price was insane, a small part of my mind wanted to shoot him then and there for the insult, but I ignored it. This swindler was my only hope, and I would happily pay the price if it would get me what I needed. I haggled, of course, nothing is more suspicious than someone who pays the full price up front. I tried everything, but the scumbag could obviously smell my desperation, and held out. Finally, I offered him the full price, but half up front, half on return- I didn’t want to lose all my money if he took us to some random shack in the middle of nowhere and left us in the desert. Again, he refused. I was starting to get a little suspicious of the kind Mr Dugg. I was on the verge of walking out, but the thought kept running around in my head, what if this leech is really the only other person in Mos Eisley who knows where to find Kenobi’s house? Then Quan stepped in. He offered Dugg an extra 500 credits, presumably from his own pocket as I had nothing left, upon return if he would take my offer. 1500 Credits for a speeder ride to the desert and back? Quan must have been insane. I must have been insane, come to think of it, to not see something suspicious about the whole affair. Dugg was almost certain to turn on us, I knew that, and was prepared for it, but I had to give him the chance to do the right thing. I never thought that Quan and Valin would be the ones to break the deal.

The moment we arrived at Kenobi’s supposed residence the pilot pulled a blaster and aimed at the back of our guide’s head. I acted on instinct, no thought for consequences. My sword was in my hand in an instant and I knocked Quan’s blaster aside.
“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled “This is not how we do things!” I was furious. I had finally escaped from a world of cutthroats and thieves, only to wind up shipping out with a bunch of pirates. So much for dreams of saving the galaxy from the tyranny of the empire, I couldn’t even save one man from my own friends. Before I could react Valin had drawn his pistol and fired a shot, blessedly missing the startled Dugg.
Then it all went wrong. I felt a sudden discomfort, an itching in my back, telling me to move. As I dodged to one side, still unsure of where the threat was from, a blaster bolt seared through the air beside me, coming from behind. From Dugg. What the hell? I was trying to protect that asshole and he tries to shoot me?

Kari 1.3c
Classified to Classified

Kari woke early.
The first thing she did was re-access Biter’s Operating System. Finding a particular file she had added to his directory, she activated his voice recognition receptors and imprinted her voice – he would now be unable to refuse an order from her, no matter how much learning his new core programming did. It was a rather paranoid safety measure, she reassured herself, but who knew what could happen? She was putting her own, homebrew, coding into a twenty year old battle droid…it was hardly a recipe for smooth sailing…

Tinkering around, she accessed a few systems at random, trying to find any non-compatibility errors, but none seemed to trigger, giving a slight sense of achievement. Finally, she checked his energy levels, finding them to be at 100%, “Looks like you’re good to go…” she said, reaching over and pulling the cables from the inactive droid, before switching him back on.

Kari 1.3b

Huge feet touched down. There was the loud hiss of hydraulics taking incredible weight, and then silence.
“And you’re down; Welcome to Darlaak, Kaladon Ghost – you are scheduled for departure tomorrow morning; bright and early – if you’re looking to stay longer, we’re going to need at least five hours notice”
“Copy that, control” Kari mumbled into the mouth piece before taking the headset off and placing it neatly on the console in front of her as she deactivated the engines and all other systems which were unnecessarily when on a planet with normal gravity and a breathable environment.
Spinning the pilot’s chair to face the door, she pushed herself up and headed through the ship, making for the cargo bay. She was fairly certain that the others would already be waiting; desperate to stretch their legs and take in lungfuls of fresh air, not the reprocessed, re-oxygenated soup they had been breathing since fleeing Akanephin 5.

Reaching the hold, Kari found herself to be the last to arrive.
She gave Valin a warm smile, which reduced slightly as she looked to Quan and had disappeared entirely by the time her gaze made its way to Kaz. Passing them all, she moved to the controls for the down-ramp, and watched as the huge jaws of the ship opened, giving them their first glance at Darlaak – the “other” smugglers moon: The poor man’s Nar Shaddaa. She narrowed her eyes against the glare, shying away slightly as she was assaulted by pinks and blues and greens and yellows; a barrage of neon all vying for her attention, and the attention of the crowds which milled about between the bars, striptease parlours, and brothels they advertised. She could feel her anxiety growing as her eyes grew accustomed to the flashing colours and the sea of people came into sharper focus – hundreds of them, thousands even; Twi’lek, Mirialans, humans, Rodians, the woman gave a gentle gasp of surprise as even a Wookie strolled past her gaze. She found that she was hiding from them, peeking round the side of the ship at the throngs, none of whom had any interest in her presence anyway. Mistrustfully, she glanced out again, a look of clear worry on her face as she turned and headed back to the group.


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