Tatooine Bad Boy

Week 10 Transcript

Looking through the data hacked from the station, Kari finds an order for Talren Cole from the emperor to apprehend Isoder Candor at his bar on Dorlaak.

Kaz is on board with having a shot at Talren Cole.

Valin & Kari want to help out their friend, and also a chance at Cole.

Quan stays quiet until someone asks him directly.

Quan (reluctantly): This Candor may be some backwater, dodgy drug dealer, but he is probably the closest thing we’ve got to a friend out here.

When we arrive on Dorlaak Quan tells Kaz to attempt to sense Cole. Kaz goes back to his memories of meeting him on Akenephin V. Recalls the sense of emptiness that drew him to him.

Kaz: he’s definitely in the area, I don’t think he’s that close yet.

Quan goes shopping for big hats.

Week 9 transcript.

Chad loves salty nuts. And has no sense of irony.

We take off, with the two tie bombers that Quan has been tracking in hot pursuit. One of their missiles get through, Quan fails to miss the hotel, does damage to the ship.
Kari runs straight for the engine room
Valin calls “biter upstairs, take the heavy blaster. Kaz, take our esteemed guest somewhere she can strap herself in.”
Heads for the ion turret.
Kari notices the overwhelming smell of cigars throughout the ship.
Quan floors it, manages to gain ground on one of the pursuers, the other keeps up. They open fire, he manages to dodge the shots, but notices 4 more fighters incoming.

Chad - Week 9

Posted on behalf of Will.

Dear Diary

Today Chad was AWESOME!!!

I got up, had a shave – awesomely, didnt shower (cause Chad doesnt need to shower, he just smells gooood)

Then Chad got the call from the Commander – Chad used call waiting and didnt answer because Chad was too busy being awesome.

When Chad called Dave (the commander), the commander needed Chads help. Chad was to allow a random assortment of not-Chads to help him on a mission. Chads mission was to totally blow up a relay station. Chad decided it would be awesome so went along.

When Chad arrived at the hanger, Chad had to have words with the hanger staff and someone had mistakenly put Chads X-Wing at the wrong end of the hanger (obviously Chads X is next to the door to stop people being distracted by Chads awesomeness)

Chad led the team into Hyperspace where Chad was able to listen to the audio book ‘Where is Spot?’ read by Chad – it was awesome.

When Chad exited hypespace, the empire were sooo scared they launched 100+ Ties, Chad was not intimid.. intimi… scared. Chad locked on to the first Tie with a bistering shot at extreme range, the Tie was scared by Chads lazers, he turned and ran the otjher way, causing the lazers to miss)

Chad (and him team) cleared a path for the team to get to the relay station hanger bay, then Chad continued being awesome, Chad first destroyed the Comms Array, while evading multiple shots fromt he Ties, not because Chad didnt want to be hit, but because they were not awesome enough. The Chad then proceede to destroy nearly all of the Ties, with the rest of The Chads wing picking up the pieces.

Once all the Tie had been destroyed, the Chad started gettign bored, the assault team were being waaay too slow and non-awesome. The Chad had to call them to make them hurry because the rest of the universe was nissing out on The Chad.

When they finally left the station, The Chad, in an awesome way, locked onto the station with his proton cannon, spun his ship around and blasted it into tiny bits with the cannon and his engines. This allowed the Chads forward camera drone to take a picture of the asesomeness. – unforttunaly the drone got damaged in the blast so the picture isnt very good.

Chad was happy with this awesome day, but Chad hopes next time he will not be detained from awesomeness by less-awesome and slow people.

Chad out.


Kaz (Week 7)

The guards were discrete, I’ll give them that. There were two that I could make out, both dressed up in fashionably smart outfits so as not to draw attention to themselves amongst the rich and influential, and both definitely armed. Apart from them though, the security at the ball was surprisingly lax, especially so given that a high profile political prisoner was in attendance. Our staying in the penthouse suite of the Bellamar may have helped somewhat, but I had been waved through as Valin’s bodyguard with a blaster under my jacket without being searched once. Either Governor Eblark was supremely confident about the skill and professionalism of his guards or he was overconfident and an idiot. I sincerely hoped it was the latter.

Week 8 Transcript

Bite hides behind the bar. Valin goes upstairs with the ladies

Valin: Kaz! Gun!

Kaz throws a pistol to Valin, who fails to catch it.

Valin calls up to Kari: “Second exit from the bedroom to the garden”

Valin goes back to pick up the pistol, passes it to Mon Mothma.

Kaz: Valin, cover those doors. The moment I run for the lift I’m going to need covering fire

Kari charges into the bedroom, rips the clothes out of the wardrobe, puts the lightsabre to the wall and starts cutting a hole
Valin hands the blaster to MM
Valin: If anything makes it up the stairs past me would you be so kind?
Valin moves the small table to the top of the stairs, ready to throw it down if anyone gets up.
Kari sticks her head around the corner

Week 7 Transcript

Pencael IV – imperial world

Capital: Nodnol

The plan: Quan stays with the ship, everyone else joins the retinue of the eccentric droid collector (valin).

Alliance books us passage on a luxury cruise to help our cover and gives us 200k credits.

Quan tries to blag them out of more but they turn him down, so he asks Valin, who obliges with 15k.

They also give us a coterie of new droids: a waiter, a waitress, a medical droid, a repair droid and Lenore, a pleasure droid.

En route: Kari geeks out about the droids, Valin studies them, trying to pick up as much knowledge as he can from kari to make the cover believable. Kaz plays dutiful bodyguard – two steps behind Valin at all times, eyes everywhere, hand near his gun. Biter is bored with being a waiter, holding back the urge to kill people.

Quan spends his time in the cockpit. The less said about that the better…

Kari 2.2b

Kari tried to focus.
She had been reviewing the data from the attack on the fuel depot for almost an hour, but had made very little progress. Despite the unrelenting lines of figures which scrolled down the monitor in front of her, a smile would not leave her lips, and a flight of butterflies had seen fit to inhabit her stomach, bouncing around like moths trapped in a lampshade.
No one had ever asked her to dance before.
It was exciting.
For a moment, she let herself drift back to the outskirts of the celebrations; things like this did not happen to her, it felt strange…but not in the usual way; not daunting, or intimidating like most of life was. It was still beyond her full understanding, and certainly beyond her experience, but…in an intriguing way. She was doing what normal people did! And it did not scare her…she laughed, making Reggie give a gonk of surprise.
“Sorry…” she said, placing a hand on his head. He shifted from foot to foot merrily. Kari smiled at him then looked back at the screen and her brow furrowed. During the attack, when blaster fire had hit the power droid’s shield there had been a massive power drain.
“Makes no sense…” she mused, leaning in, resting her chin on her hands, her elbows on the table as she read through the data. He was, in essence, a shield strapped to a fusion reaction…somewhere, she had not got something right – it did not follow that a blaster shot should reduce his energy so much. Admittedly, getting the shields back to full power had taken seconds, but that required her being there, which limited his tactical versatility.

Kari 2.2a
Victory Dance

Celebrations went late into the night.
Tribesmen danced round huge fires; laughed and drank. It was far too early to tell whether the Imperials would leave their world after the bloody nose they had just been given, but the Sesseh did not care. In two, short, weeks they had seen their oppressors punished for their arrogance; the bold assumption that Shaymore was theirs to dominate, and they were taking this chance to revel in their success.

Kari sat away from the party, staring into the night, in the direction of the blazing fuel depot. Even from here she could see the orange glow: it reminded her of home. In the morning, she had been informed by Oberon, she would be joining the cleanup crew. While they searched for survivors to snuff out, she would ensure nothing could tie the rebels to the attack. The task would not take long; Biter’s assault had left the depot in ruins, and the fuel would not burn itself out before dawn. Any surveillance equipment the remains of the base was harbouring would most likely be a melted pool of plastic long before she arrived.

Kaz 2.2b
...And new beginnings

Our departure from Shaymore was in mixed spirits. Victory tempered with loss, exultation with the vertiginous sense of stepping off a cliff- that we had started something huge and would never be able to go back to the lives we once knew. As we took off even the usually stoic Valin finally betrayed his emotions. Relief was evident in every fiber of his being, but after we hit hyperspace I did something I’d never attempted before.

Valin sat alone in the mess hall, poking distractedly at a half eaten meal in front of him. He didn’t even look up as I quietly sat down at the other end of the table with my own food. I watched him for a while, studying his features and trying to read something, anything, from his body language. But, as ever, he remained a mystery. For a few short seconds I gave up and returned to my food, momentarily content to leave him be. But the curiosity was too much: I had been travelling with the Ghost for more than a month now and Valin remained the greatest mystery on the ship. Besides, I wasn’t even sure if this would work. I took a deep breath and leaned forward, resting my forearms on the table with my hands clasped. Pushing all other thoughts aside I focused solely on Valin, trying to direct my senses towards him, to read his feelings the way I seemed to be able to do with so many random people. Surely our close proximity over the recent weeks would have attuned me in some way to him? I had no idea how this was supposed to work, but ever since finding out the truth about Quan I was certain that my mind wasn’t just playing tricks on me, that I really had some connection to the mysterious force that the Jedi could tune in to.

The stillness of the room was palpable. Normally Valin would have spoken up by now, acknowledged my presence at least, but he was clearly miles away from the dimly lit mess hall. I closed my eyes, imagining an invisible stream of energy flowing between us, a oneness of consciousness, his feelings swirling and dancing towards me, like drops of blood in a river. And then…

Kaz 2.2a
Of endings...

And just like that, it was over.
After two weeks of living and fighting alongside the Sesseh, Commander Lylin declared that our work was done. To this day, I’m not sure I completely agreed with him – we had supplied the primitive Sesseh with weapons more powerful than anything they’d ever had access to and trained them in their use, there was no telling how this would affect their local politics and culture. Still, our part in their history was over, and once they had finished clearing their world of the imperial mining operations they would become a valuable part of the Alliance.
Our days with the Sesseh had been an eye opening experience. Their conviction and dedication to their world and to each other had awakened in me a certainty I hadn’t felt since my mother died. I knew without the hint of a doubt that I was exactly where I needed to be: fighting for freedom alongside people who believed in the cause as strongly as I did. But I had seen a darker side to the dream too. I had witnessed firsthand the pain, the fear and the loss that came with every battle. For every victory won there were a dozen tiny defeats. Each soldier lost was so much more than one fewer gun in the fight, and though they died fighting for what they believed in that was only a small consolation for the families and friends they left behind.
Everything I’d seen and felt had hardened my conviction. I had felt the fear of facing an overwhelming foe, the helplessness of seeing your comrades shot down with no way to save them. And for the first time in my dubiously charmed life I had felt the pain of battle. The blinding flash of light and complete sensory oblivion that enveloped me, stole me momentarily from the darkness of the Imperial base and left me floating face down in the cold river. The sudden awareness that no matter how quick I was there, there would always be something quicker: it wasn’t an easy thing to realise. Self preservation had never been high on my list of priorities because I’d never truly felt threatened – I had always been the quickest and most aware in any situation, not to mention the best shot. Fights were something that happened around me – If someone needed shooting, I shot to wound; kept myself out of trouble and protected whoever I was being paid to protect. I’d seen colleagues shot (I don’t think I ever considered them friends, even back then), even killed, but it had always been through a fog of detachment. I knew that I didn’t belong, those petty brawls and fights over territory were nothing to do with me, save for the extra money I was earning. It was a job, no more than the days I had spent in the mines, and I somehow convinced myself that my conscience was clean.

I was going to have to deal with that one of these days.


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