Jawas are typically short rodent-like natives of Tatooine. They are passionate scavengers, seeking out technology for sale or trade in the deep deserts in their huge sandcrawler transports. They have a reputation for swindling, as they have a penchant for selling old equipment such as outdated or faulty droids to moisture farmers.

Jawas 2

Jawas are easily identifiable by their traditional brown hooded robes, though it is not unheard of for them to wear other colours. Other notable features include their glowing yellow eyes, small stature and high pitched, quickly spoken language called Jawaese.

“Jawas.. never around when you need them”

At approximately 3,959 BBY, following what was believed to be an important mining opportunity, the Czerka Corporation brought many sandcrawlers to Tatooine, though they abandoned the planet soon after they discovered the unstable nature of the local ores. Upon abandoning the planet, the sandcrawlers were quickly adopted by the Jawas, who to this day use them as mobile homes. The abandoned sandcrawlers radically changed Jawa civilization, serving as mobile fortresses for Jawa tribes searching the deserts for materials to scavenge. These vehicles serve as a testament to the Jawa abilities of discovering unusual and unorthodox methods of making things work, and require continual maintenance to keep in working order.


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