Quan Lund


Tatooine. I’d heard it was a shit-hole but… wow. We landed in Mos Eisley after a long flight so I’ll admit it was good to stretch my legs for a while. Valin and Kaz headed off to the nearest drinking hole in search of rumours of a Jedi hiding out on the planet named Kenobi.

This is crazy, it can’t be the same Kenobi. Obi Wan Kenobi was one of the greatest Jedi Masters during the time of the republic, so if anyone could survive the Empire’s Jedi purge then it makes sense for it to be him. Even more crazy is that I agreed to come along on this wild bantha chase. But that kid, Kaz. There’s something about him. It was enough of a shock to feel the force in another person so strongly after so long let alone have him suggest we go find Master Obi-Wan and ask him to teach us to make lightsabres!

But that’s what he suggested and before I could tell him where to go I was signing on the dotted line and shaking his hand. Valin and his sister were more interested in the monetary rewards for finding such knowledge, well that is to say Valin was more interested in the monetary rewards. I still have no idea what Leeta finds interesting other than machines. Regardless they both agreed to fly the Kaladon Ghost to Tatooine and take the kid with us. Neither of them thought to ask why some young runway suddenly wants to go build a lightsabre but his age, the force sensitivity and that almost desperate look in his eye tell the story plainly enough to me. I’ll keep his secret for now.

So there I was in the Mos Eisley spaceport, sweating my balls off and wondering why the hell I was here looking for a dead Jedi. I thought I’d take a walk through the streets, have a smoke and clear my head. Maybe practice some of the old force techniques as that seemed to be the trend these days. I managed to ward off the heat effectively enough and also to track down some information. First a man around these parts goes by the name Ben Kenobi, apparently some crazed old hermit who lives out past the dune sea and second a local mechanic named Arken Dugg who supposedly can take us there on his speeder. Not bad considering I hadn’t used the force in nearly ten years. I’ll admit I had a sightly smug grin on my face as I headed back to the ship to inform the others, stopping at an arms dealer on the way to pick up a blaster. I could use my force powers still, but it wasn’t worth getting ahead of myself.

My grin was well and truly wiped off however as I strolled through the market.

I… felt… something. Something terrible. A great catastrophe somewhere out in the galaxy. I don’t know how or why I felt it. Maybe the recent exposure to the force had increased my sensitivity or some shit I don’t know. But it was a cry, a shout of pain. Millions of people in sudden pain and then.. death. Millions of people had died in an instant of that I was sure. I don’t know where or how bit it happened.

I had to warn the others. I raced back to the ship.

Quan Lund

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