The Sesseh, or Sessehsellah are an aquatic race resembling giant river otters.

    Sesseh Hunter

“they just want to shoot, fucking, everything!”
-Kaz Tame

Sesseh are native to the planet Shaymore. They had very little technology, and were thus easy prey for the Galactic Empire, who stole most of the planet’s hydrocarbons.

Before the arrival of the Rebels who brought blaster technology with them, the Sesseh lacked any formal warrior culture, the few members of their species who showd any kind of propensity towards violence were the hunter caste who were skilled archers, trackers and swimmers.

The Empire had been in control of Shaymore for a number of years before the world’s tribal leaders convened and decided that the mining of the deep trenches and verdant marshlands of their planet had gone on long enough. They managed to send a delegation off-world and contacted the Rebel Alliance.

Sesseh delegates arrive at the Rebel fleet

The Sesseh sent a delegation to the Rebel Alliance to request aid in overthrowing the rule of the Empire. The Rebels sent the crew of the Kaladon Ghost to help train the warriors and icite rebellion.


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