A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…


It was a time of civil unrest, on the planet of Akanephin V the young Kaz Tame dreams of joining the Rebel Alliance and becoming a Jedi like his father. With the death of his mother in a mining accident he resolved to leave and seek out the Rebel Alliance.

In a chance meeting with a rebel spy he has learned that the Alliance are looking to regain the lost technology of the lightsabre, the fabled weapon of the Jedi.
Racking his brain he recalled his mother telling him of a Jedi master who had survived the Imperial purge and fled to Tatooine.

Selling the now empty family home he booked passage on a Tramp Freighter bound for tatooine.
He doubted he would find the Jedi alive but maybe he could find some information on the construction of a lightsabre.

Tatooine Bad Boy

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