Tatooine Bad Boy

Quan 1.4

Leaving Tatooine


We entered the little shack which apparently had been home to ex-Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi and searched around.

There was nothing of value left in the building whatsoever. And by that I mean screws had been taken out of the plate which once held the door hinge. In fact the plate had been taken also. And the door. I didn’t have to spot the little scurrying footprints or the sweeping marks left by robes to know that Jawas had been responsible. The little blighters were renowned for stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down and selling it back to you at a ludicrous price.

Kari brought the Ghost as close as possible but with the rocky terrain, we still had to walk half an hour in awkward silence with Kaz still glaring at our backs and the droids’ gait slowing us down.

Before long, Kari had picked up the signal of a Jawa sandcrawler on the radar. It wasn’t too far away so must belong to the tribe who sacked Kenobi’s house. We sped after it and when we got close, hailed it seeking to trade.

The Ghost had barely touched the sand before the Jawa hawk-fest began. Dozens of the little shits were running around setting up tables, ‘hootini-ing’ at us at a rate beyond human comprehension and trying to sell us their tech-junk. I browsed their wares but nothing jumped out at me, not at the prices they were charging anyway. Kari seemed to be in a tech-induced coma, running between different stalls, spouting serial numbers and operating systems and force-knows what else. There was one item of interest however- an old Trade Federation battle droid which was missing an arm and was pretty bashed up but Kari was certain she could get it back online. Seeing the thing brought back some old memories, memories I hadn’t dwelled on in a very long time. Flashbacks of flying ships during the Clone Wars, battling these ochre bastards across every planet of the outer rim, losing friends…

I was lost in my reverie for a while. It was like the past few days had been me re-living my life all over again. First that force-sensitive kid shows up and gets the old midi-chlorians stirring, then he mentions lightsabres and Obi-Wan Fucking Kenobi now we see an old relic like that battle droid just here in our path. Something was different, something had changed. Was I meant to remember all the old Jedi tricks? Was I destined to finish what I started all those years ago? This kid was the catalyst I was sure, but I wasn’t sure what I thought about it.

sand people

Kari decided to buy the battle droid, much to my disgust. I don’t know how comfortable I am going to be with that bucket of rust watching me on the ship, but I was damned if I was going to let on it had unsettled me. I lit another deathstick as we closed the hatch and set off.

sand people




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